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The highest duty that Government has is to keep people safe in their communities. And despite spending more money then ever on social programs, this county has seen a recent spike in violent crime. We must provide the Sheriff with whatever resources he needs to keep us safe in every corner of this county. Also, high crime harms economic development. The 2 highest concerns of site selectors that may want to move their business here are taxes and crime.
The county needs to plan smartly. This means that in such a small county, it is more important than ever to engage with the City of Wilmington. The left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing. Most folks do not pay attention to boundaries in a county this small. Only politicians do. And until consolidation takes place (if it ever does) it is vital to work together to plan efficiently and smartly for our growth.
In an improving economy, we should see less welfare, less need for government assistance but we have more. Our job growth is leading the national average and our wages are rising. But this fiscal year, instead of cutting services, we expanded welfare in NH County. It was the wrong choice. We spend enough already and growing welfare means less money for schools, teachers, and law enforcement.
We should always look to find efficiencies wherever we can. Most people do not recognize boundaries in a county this small. They see duplication in fire, police, parks & rec., etc. When it makes sense to consolidate, we should do it.

Keep your promises

As children, we were all taught this basic lesson. Do what you say you are going to do. Remember? Unfortunately, in this day and age, not very many elected people do it anymore. But I do. And of all the things I have done in my life, the thing for which I am most proud is that I have always kept my promises.

4 years ago when I ran for New Hanover County Commission, I promised that I would:

• Fight higher taxes
• Keep a watchful eye on EVERY tax dollar
• Restore honor and dignity to the county commission

I have delivered on those promises. For the 2 years when I was Chairman of the board, we kept taxes level AND added to our savings account. In basic terms, we lived within our means like you do at your home and business.

Our county debt has grown nearly 1000% in the last 20 years, while our County population has only grown about 40%. That trend must stop, and I have set forth policies we can adopt to reverse the trend. We have also found savings at the community college totaling over a million dollars; fought against expanded welfare in New Hanover County; and in the post-Brian Berger era, I have conducted myself in the professional manner you expect of public leaders.

I will confess that it was a tough decision to decide to run for re-election. Tammie and I went back and forth. Fighting for all the things we believe in is important, and requires daily devotion. But when your efforts are compounded with the duplicity and pettiness of those that seek to do nothing but further their own ambitions, it makes the sacrifices of service almost unbearable. But in the end, Tammie and I decided together that if good people do not make a stand and try to make a difference, then this community we all love will suffer.

Thanks to your help and support, in 2012 in a full field of ten candidates, we outpaced all others by a considerable margin and placed first. We aim to do the same this go around. With the March 15 primary fast approaching, we are in need of funds as soon as you are able to help us. Please donate today, you can click the button above and use a credit card.

Although its tough at times, I want you to know that I am deeply honored to represent the 215,000 citizens of this growing county. Tammie and I love our community and will work tirelessly every day to make it even better. Thank you for your commitment to us, and your help. We promise to never let you down.

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About Woody White

Woody White was born in August of 1969 in the rural eastern North Carolina town of Kinston. His dad attended Lenoir Community College while working at the DuPont plant and transferred to UNC-Wilmington when Woody was 1 year old. Woody and his big brother Wes lived with their parents in Lee Mobile Home Park on Factory Road in Pender County, for a couple of years, then moved into Wilmington while his dad completed his final years at UNCW. Upon graduation, Mr. White obtained a job working in Elizabethtown (Bladen County) and he moved the family there when Woody was 6. This is where Woody grew up and learned from his parents the importance of working hard, getting an education, and where family values were instilled in him at a young age. Woody’s parents taught him that a strong education was a key towards achieving your goals in life.

In the fall of 1987 Woody enrolled in Southern University in the town of Collegedale, TN. He studied hard, built strong relationships with professors and classmates and was active in local politics. He was the Founder and President of the Southern University College Republican Club. From his experiences in college, Woody had the opportunity to serve as an Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1988. But the most important thing that happened to Woody while he was in College was the Watermelon Social he attended in the early fall of 1988. That is where he first met Tammie, an in-coming Freshman. They fell instantly in love that semester, and have been together ever since. They will celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary in 2016.

After completing his studies at Southern University, Woody enrolled in law school at the University of Nebraska. After graduating from law school, he returned to North Carolina where he and Tammie began their married life together. Today they now have two wonderful children, Hayden age; 15 and Haley Catherine; age 14.

In 1995, job opportunities for both Tammie and Woody brought Woody back to Wilmington. Tammie and Woody moved to New Hanover County and began their life. Woody continued to practice as a licensed attorney in North Carolina while also serving as the New Hanover County Republican Party Chairman from 1997-2001. He also spent time as a special legal counsel to the North Carolina Republican party, served on President Bush’s Platform Committee in New York City in 2004, and has worked hard electing conservatives to office each election cycle.

Woody also had a calling for service. That is why he got involved in his community. A member of Rotary International, Wilmington South Chapter since 1996, he was formerly on the board for Cape Fear Community College, has served on the New Hanover Regional Medical Center and the Lower Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity board, and has coached little league baseball at Winter Park Optimist. Woody and his family also attend St. Andrews Covenant Presbyterian Church in Wilmington.

Devoted to his community and state, Woody was elected to fill an expired North Carolina State Senate seat in 2004. He also served on the National Republican Party’s Platform committee in 2004 and was a Delegate for President George W. Bush in both the 2000 & 2004 elections. In 2012, Woody ran for a spot on the New Hanover County Commission, where he was finished as the top vote getter in a 6 way race. At his first meeting, he was elected unanimously by his fellow Commissioners to serve as Chairman.

Woody White knows what it is like to work hard growing up, to raise a family and run a business, and there are many challenges he and his family face every day. But with a strong educational background, values passed down by his parents and a loving wife and two children, Woody White is prepared to serve as a change agent for our community.